US-Bangla Aircraft Crashed, Death Toll Reached 40

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Kathmandu-The TIA ground support signaled to land the US-Bangla aircraft, i.e. for landing from the North of the runway. However, the pilot knowingly or unknowingly tried to land the craft for the Zero-2. As the ground support crew enquired whether anything went wrong. But there was no response.

Then the plane hovered over the airport twice.  Again the ground air traffic control asked if they were alright. This time the pilot answered that he was ok. Now, the aircraft was landed via Zero-2 even though it was not properly aligned for the safe landing on the runway.

While landing the aircraft skidded off the runway narrowly past the Nepal Army aircraft hangar inflicting no harm to any of the parked aircrafts in the hanger. It rolled uncontrolled going beyond the TIA compound fences. The Nepal Police has reported 40 casualties and 22 were severely injured so far. 



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