Nagdhunga-Sisne Khola Tunnel achieves breakthrough (with pictures)

KATHMANDU: In a significant milestone, the long-awaited Nagdhunga-Sisne Khola Tunnel project witnessed a breakthrough on Monday.

The main tunnel, spanning 2,667 meters and connecting Balambu in Chandragiri Municipality, Kathmandu, with Sisne Khola in Dhading, successfully broke through.

While the tunnel is not yet fully operational for vehicular traffic, this breakthrough marks a crucial step forward in the project's completion.

The comprehensive project comprises three underpasses, four box culverts, one overpass, three bridges, and one flyover.

Remaining tasks primarily involve concrete road construction, as well as the installation of lighting and ventilation systems, according to project officials.

Here are some images capturing the momentous event organized to commemorate the tunnel breakthrough:


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