Home Minister seeks media help to catch wrongdoers

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Kathmandu -  Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa has called on media people to support the government in the campaign of crackdown on wrongdoers. 
During his meeting with journalists looking after the security beat at the Ministry Sunday, the Minister said the government had taken a strict policy against those responsible for triggering disturbance, causing damages and destruction in the country's economy. 

He urged the media to update the news about various crimes, including smuggling, so that it would be helpful for the Ministry to take action through its administrative channel. 
According to him, the industry, administration and enterprise were disgraced all because of the wrongdoing of some particular people, so the Ministry would remain watchful on such people. 
The Ministry, as the Minister said, would launch critical campaign against those evading tax and indulging in hundi, which have caused severe dent in nation's economy. 

"A company liable to pay Rs 47 billion to government as tax has been ignoring its duty, while some are frequenting leaders' residences for the exemption of tax. If such money was invested in hydropower, the country could generate huge amount of hydro electricity," the Home Minister argued. 
He further said the Ministry was ready to work together with media for peace, good governance, stability and development. 
Responding to a query over taking the National Investigation Bureau, a subordinate body to Home Ministry, under the Office of the Prime Minister, Home Minister Thapa said an investigative agency was also needed under the Home Ministry. 


National News Agency, Nepal


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