Constitutional lawyers forum calls for bringing Nepalis stranded along border points to home

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Kathmandu - The Constitutional Lawyers' Forum has appealed to bodies concerned to build atmosphere for bringing Nepalis left stranded along the Nepal-India border amidst the nationwide lockdown back to home. The nation has been observing lockdown since March 24 to stem the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). In a press statement today, the organisation said, '' Hundred of Nepali citizens desperate to return home are forced to stuck at the border points and no-man's land without any reliable option ahead when India has also implemented lockdown to control the spread of virus.''

Stating that the government decision to go into nation-wide lockdown, as a precautionary measure has been appreciated from all quarters, but again banning the sovereign Nepali citizen to enter the nation had violated the norms and values of basic human rights guaranteed by the constitution and international human rights laws, the Forum concluded. It has sought the lifting of ban and putting them in safe quarantine with arrangements of proper food, health care and shelter in coordination with and cooperation of local governments, local administration, civil society and even the private sector.


National News Agency, Nepal


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