No differences within the party: Nepal

Chairman of CPN (Unified Socialist) and former Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal has claimed that there is no difference of opinion within the party.

He said this while speaking at an event organized by All Nepal Women Union (Socialist), a sister organization of the party, in Kathmandu on Monday.

Chair Nepal argued that party preparing the political and organizational documents to be presented in the upcoming convention unanimously confirmed that there is no differencewithin the party. He mentioned that the party will systematically advance the concept of socialism with Nepali characteristics from the upcoming convention and called on the opinions of party leaders and workers.

Chair Nepal said that his party had promoted the socialist program at the time of its establishment and pointed out the need to make it more systematic in the upcoming convention. He said that by studying the political and organizational documents prepared by the party for the convention, everyone is expected to play a role in making it more advanced.

He said, "Now there are no differences of opinion in our party. The name of our party itself - CPN (Unified Socialist) - also hints at unity within the party".

Chair Nepal also made it clear that in order to move the country firmly on the socialist path, they have come together with other forces for the 'socialist front'.

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