Let's build a bar in the parliament building: MP Bajagain

Kathmandu: Nepali Congress MP Rajendra Bajagain has proposed to build a bar in the under-construction parliament building. In the meeting of the House of Representatives on Friday, MP Bajagain, while submitting a proposal to cut costs on the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation under the Appropriation Bill, insisted that a bar should be built to socialize when foreign guests visit.

He drew the attention of the government to build a drinking bar in the new parliament building, saying that there is a bar in the canteen of the American Parliament and the London School of Economics as well. "I went to a congressman's office in America in 2006. I had the opportunity to visit the offices of the Congress and the Senate. They have a bar for the guests who go to the Senate for hospitality, they are socializing in their bar." he said. "Most of our MPs don't drink alcohol, but the canteen of the London School of Economics also has a bar. I want to draw the attention of concerned authorities in this matter." he added.

He believes that building a bar inside the Parliament building will be important in terms of tourism promotion. MP Bajgai made the proposal replying to the statement made by the Maoist Center MP Kalpana Miya Misar.

At the zero hour of the House of Representatives meeting on Friday, Member of Parliament Miya objected to the statement given by Bajagain in the House of Representatives meeting on June 04. She claimed that Bajagain had attempted a character assasination of Nirmal Purja, a veteran Nepali climber, in the parliament meeting on June 04. She further added that he who made Nepal's name known to the world, should not be insulted in Parliament. She also accused MP Bajagain of coming into the parliament in an inebriated state during the last year's budget session.

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