Villages turn into ghost towns due to out-migration

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Rampur, Palpa –Human settlements in rural areas in Palpa are gradually becoming deserted due to rampant migration of people to urban areas. 

Lack of sufficient and better facilities of education, health, drinking water and road are driving factors behind increased out-migration. 

Phoksingdanda, Bhanjyangthok, Kotthar, Belauja, Lanbe, Ranibas, and Jharleng of Phoksingkot of Rambha Rural Municipality-3 are seeing an exodus of people, according to one Ganesh Pachhai of Foksinghkotdanda. There are only 21 families in the village. 

Only old people are seen in the village. It has the shortage of young human resources to undertake works demanding physical strength and for agricultural works. Only 46 people are there in the village." School students and youth all have moved to urban areas in the district. 

Agricultural lands remain uncultivated and are covered by grass and bush. 
Local schools are finding hard to get students. Not a single student was enrolled in grade one of Naresh Primary School here in this academic session. 

Likewise, out migration has hit the Bahundanda area of Rampur Municipality-7. The village has acute shortage of drinking water, one of the factors forcing the people to leave their place. Earlier, over 100 households were residing in the area, this number now significantly dropped to 20-15, ward member Min Bahadur Sinjali said. 


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