Parliamentary session underway: Key agendas on the table

KATHMANDU: The hallowed halls of the Parliament Building in New Baneswor reverberate with the deliberations of the House of Representatives (HoR) as it convenes today to tackle a myriad of significant issues.

At the forefront of today's proceedings is the Minister of Law, Justice, and Parliamentary Affairs, Dhanraj Gurung, who is poised to present a pivotal proposal. This proposal centers around a bill aimed at staunching the tide of money laundering while concurrently fostering a climate conducive to business growth. Additionally, the House will meticulously scrutinize the report put forth by the Human Rights Committee.

Moreover, in a move that underscores the urgency of the matter, the Parliament Secretariat has announced an additional agenda item—a proposal for the immediate passage of the aforementioned bill.

The solemn occasion also warrants a moment of reflection and remembrance, as the HoR prepares to solemnize the passing of Keshav Kumar Budhathoki, a distinguished central member of the Nepali Congress and a former minister.

In the realm of legislative reform, the House is set to deliberate upon Bill 2080, designed to introduce crucial amendments pertinent to the prevention of money laundering and the advancement of the business landscape.

As delineated in the Parliament's meticulously crafted schedule, today's agenda encompasses multifaceted discussions, including party-centric dialogues and a direct interface with the Prime Minister for a session of pointed queries and insightful responses.

The unfolding parliamentary session is emblematic of a nation grappling with its challenges and striving towards progressive solutions.

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