EPS Korean language examinations likely to face slight delay

KATHMANDU: The EPS language examinations for applicants in the manufacturing sectors are anticipated to face a slight delay.

Initially scheduled for January 20, the EPS Korea section has now indicated that the examinations might take place in February.

Dandu Raj Ghimire, the Director-General of the EPS Korea section, mentioned that due to technological issues, the section will commence publishing notices for the exams by February 4.

The EPS Korea section had to upgrade its online application system to accommodate the overwhelming number of youths filling out forms for the examinations.

The examinations are set to be conducted in three phases, with 47,000 students participating in the first phase, 80,000 in the second, and 37,000 in the third. Around 165,000 students have submitted forms for the language examinations, seeking opportunities to work in the manufacturing sector in South Korea.

Despite the slight delay, the examinations remain a crucial step for individuals aspiring to work in the South Korean job market.

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