Number of cancer patients increases by 2.5 fold

Jhapa - Number of cancer patients has doubled in Jhapa during the past four years.

The number of cancer patients in the district was 124 in the fiscal year 2067/68 while it has increased to 312 in the fiscal 2073/74, shared the District Public Health Office, Jhapa. The increment is around 250 per cent.

Likewise, the score of people with cancer was 92 in the fiscal 2069/70 and was increased to 283 in the fiscal 2070.71, according to the statistics of the district health office.

District Public Health Office Chief Madhusudan Koirala shared that all the confirmed cancer patients have been referred for free treatment.

Similarly, the office had recommended 635 people living with different chronic diseases. in the fiscal 2073/74 BS. Among them 312 people were cancer infected, shared Office Chief Dev Raj Karki.

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