Storms expected in Lumbini and Sudurpaschim, light rain and thunder forecasted in other regions

KATHMANDU: The Department of Hydrology and Meteorology predicts partially cloudy weather in some areas and generally clear conditions in the rest of the country today.

This weather pattern is influenced by westerly winds along with local winds.

Currently, Sudur Paschim, Karnali, Lumbini, and Gandaki provinces are experiencing partially cloudy conditions, while the remaining provinces are clear.

There's a chance of light rain accompanied by thunder and lightning in a few places in the hilly areas of Koshi province and some locations in the hilly areas of Bagmati, Gandaki, and Karnali provinces. Additionally, light snowfall may occur at one or two spots in the high hilly and mountainous regions.

Tonight, the weather is expected to remain clear overall, with the possibility of light rain with thunder and lightning in a couple of places in the hilly parts of Koshi and Gandaki regions.

Moreover, storms are likely in Lumbini and some areas in the plains of Sudurpaschim Province.

This forecast is based on the weather bulletin issued by the Department this morning.

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