Nepal to host first-ever international dialogue on mountains and climate change

KATHMANDU: Nepal is set to make history by hosting its inaugural international dialogue on mountains and climate change in May.

The Ministry of Forests and Environment has announced that the event will take place in Kathmandu on May 22 and 23, aiming to establish a collective understanding of mountain-related issues among all mountainous nations and enhance the effectiveness of national and international initiatives in addressing these challenges.

The 'International Dialogue on Mountains, People, and Climate Change' will see the participation of representatives from Nepal and other mountainous countries, along with subject experts and partner organizations. Since 2009, Nepal has been advocating for the recognition of the adverse effects of climate change on the ecological system, livelihoods, and biodiversity of mountainous regions in various international forums, including the World Conference on Climate Change.

Last year's International Conference on Climate Change (COP-28) held in Dubai marked a significant milestone by prioritizing the climate crisis in mountainous areas for the first time.

As per the decision, the 60th meeting of the Scientific and Technical Consultative Subsidiary Body (SBSTA) under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was tasked with organizing expert discussions on mountains and climate.

The upcoming dialogue in Kathmandu underscores Nepal's commitment to addressing the urgent challenges faced by mountain communities and ecosystems due to climate change, paving the way for collaborative efforts on a global scale.

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