Yamlal Kandel assumes office as Chief Minister of Karnali Province

KARNALI: A significant political development unfolded in Karnali Province as Yamlal Kandel, the parliamentary party leader of CPN (UML) in the Karnali Province Assembly, was appointed as the Chief Minister of the Karnali Province Government.

The appointment was made by Chief of Karnali Province, Tilak Pariyar, in accordance with Article 168 (2) of the Constitution of Nepal.

Kandel, who enjoys the support of CPN (UML), CPN (Maoist Centre), and CPN (Unified Socialist) in the 40-member Karnali Province Assembly, assumes the leadership role with a solid backing from various political factions.

A letter submitted to the Chief of Karnali Province revealed that 13 members of the province assembly from CPN (Maoist Centre), 10 from UML, and one from CPN (US) have extended their support to Kandel's candidacy for the chief ministerial position.

Kandel's appointment marks the beginning of a new chapter in Karnali's governance, as he prepares to lead the province forward with the backing of a diverse coalition. 

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