Cloudy weather forecasted across Nepal today; Light rain expected in several regions

KATHMANDU: Nepal is set to experience cloudy weather conditions throughout the day, as per reports from the Meteorological Forecasting Division of the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology.

The nation is currently influenced by a western low-pressure system along with an induced low-pressure system in northeast Assam and adjacent areas of India.

In some areas of Bagmati and Gandaki provinces, light rain has been reported.

The weather forecast indicates partly to generally cloudy skies across the country, with the possibility of light rain accompanied by thunder and lightning in the hilly regions, including Koshi Province, Madhes Province, Bagmati Province, and Gandaki Province during the afternoon.

Moreover, there is a chance of light snowfall in certain high hilly and mountainous areas of Nepal.

Tonight, Koshi, Bagmati, Madhes, and Gandaki provinces are expected to experience partly to generally cloudy weather, while the rest of the country will witness partly cloudy conditions.

In the hilly regions outside the aforementioned provinces, light rain accompanied by thunder and lightning may occur in some areas.

Citizens are advised to stay updated with the weather forecast and take necessary precautions.

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