Holi celebrations begin in Hilly Regions of Nepal

KATHMANDU: Holi, the festival symbolizing goodwill and harmony, commenced today in the hilly regions of Nepal, bringing together relatives and friends in colorful revelry.

While the festival is being observed in the Tarai tomorrow, today marks the jubilant start of celebrations in the mountainous areas.

During Holi, also known as Phagu Poornima, people engage in vibrant festivities, indulging in the joyous exchange of colorful powders and water amidst dancing and singing.

The festival transcends age barriers, with participants ranging from the elderly to the youth and children, all joining in the merriment.

Steeped in tradition, Holi is revered as a testament to the triumph of truth over falsehood, embodying the essence of unity and shared joy among communities.

Dhirendra Premarshi, an esteemed scholar versed in Nepalese culture, emphasized the transformative impact of the Holi festival, citing its role in fostering greater social cohesion and reducing inequality.

In anticipation of the celebrations, the District Police Range Kathmandu has bolstered security measures to ensure a safe and peaceful environment.

Senior Superintendent of Police Dineshraj Mainali of Kathmandu Valley Police Office confirmed the deployment of over 400 police personnel across the valley, underscoring the authorities' commitment to maintaining order and averting any untoward incidents during the festive period.

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