Former Speaker Mahara's testimony recorded in gold mmuggling probe

KATHMANDU: The government's rigorous pursuit of justice in the gold smuggling case has taken a significant turn as the high-level investigation commission recently interviewed former Speaker of Parliament, Krishna Bahadur Mahara.

Mahara's statement was sought regarding his alleged involvement in a sophisticated gold smuggling operation linked to the use of electronic cigarettes, commonly referred to as vape devices.

Initial disclosures unveiled Mahara's admission to authorities at the Crime Investigation Bureau (CIB) that he had communicated with a customs official at Tribhuvan International Airport, urging the clearance of vape devices imported by a Chinese national from Dubai. Shockingly, these seemingly innocuous devices were later discovered to have been instrumental in the smuggling of gold.

Moreover, Mahara's open acknowledgment of his ties to the Chinese individual implicated in the smuggling enterprise has heightened scrutiny surrounding his role in the illicit affair.

As the investigation intensifies, the authorities remain committed to uncovering the truth behind Mahara's involvement and any potential complicity in the illicit gold smuggling network.

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