President Paudel inaugurates city hall in Tanahu

DAMAULI, Sept 23: President Ramchandra Paudel has inaugurated a city hall constructed at Byas Municipality-3 in Tanahu district today.

Amidst a function, President Paudel inaugurated the city hall constructed at the investment of the Urban Development Ministry. 

On the occasion, he also inaugurated BP Park constructed near the city hall and unveiled the statue of BP Koirala. The city hall was constructed at a cost of Rs 2.36 million. The construction of the city hall was started from February 11, 2018. It has the capacity to accommodate 593 people. 

Similarly, twenty cars and 70 motorcycles can be parked in the basement of the city hall. 

Before inaugurating the city hall, President Paudel also visited Bhayerthan Temple located at Bhanu Municipality-13 today itself. 

A local Sunmaya Gurung said President Paudel's visit to Bhayerthan has further increased the importance of this place. 

Saying the President is well aware of Bhayerthan, Ward Chairperson of Bhanu Municipality-13, Krishna Prasad Adhikari, mentioned that President Paudel is always active for the development of the area and continues support in future too.

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