Will it be possible to buy children from supermarkets in the future?

"I and my like-minded friends have interesting discussions every day. Gossip is a very pleasant pastime. Some of my friends who have not been able to convert some of their past relationships into marriage at any time not only complain about not being able to get married in time but also express their pain for not being able to have children."

A friend asked one day, "Is there any fundamental difference between the love between the youth of the previous generation and the youth of today?"

I recently asked a young man studying higher secondary education. I questioned him about his thoughts on love and emotions. It was not a situation where the young generation of this time could feel the experience of the previous generation, which they did not experience, and make an accurate analysis by comparing their generation and the previous generation. He could only tell the feeling of his time. He was unable to compare. His intuition was not surprising. But both generations who were in contact with me often discussed it with me. There was a great difference in their styles, feelings, and understanding. This difference did not center only on the matter of diminishment, excess, extinction, and the emergence of emotional dimensions. The main difference was in understanding and approach. Some exceptional characters are also found to be holding on to the understanding and approach of the previous generation. It is natural. But overall, the interpretation and understanding of love and relationships were completely different.

A well-educated friend discussed deeply that the basic beliefs related to marriage and child production are breaking down over time. To calm my curiosity, he said, in reality, marriage was never necessary or inevitable. It has been passed down from generation to generation, along with social responsibility and security. Its main purpose is the satisfaction of the libido and the gratification of the senses. Producing children is only a result of this. The fulfillment of inheritance and the continuation of natural or developed qualities are its subsidiary objectives. But in recent times, its social aspects have become blurred. Amorous sexual desire aside, this earthly person wants to spend most of his time with a partner (of any gender) of his choice.

"Whether it is the satisfaction of sexual stimulation or the desire to have children, marriage is not binding these days. Such practices have been around for many years. And it’s running. The wishes and desires of having children cannot accept the burdensome and troublesome physical and mental conditions. More women want an easy and simple alternative to this complicated process."

Some people express their displeasure when women are forced to shoulder unnecessary responsibilities related to reproduction. Although it is a traditional belief that the rights and responsibilities of men and women are equal in child production, these days personal desire and strength have started to make sense. Child production has started to become an absolute personal need from the situation of being only under the plan of any couple. Even within a couple, separate children are not surprising. Shortly, there will be no special rights and responsibilities in the production of children based on gender. Rather, it will be according to ability and personal desire. The special claim of the mother or father on the rights of the child will also have no meaning.

Can children be bought at the supermarket?

It is true that in the present era, people want children according to their wishes. People are not able to accept their failures because they consider success to be the essence of their existence. In some cases, people blame themselves by saying that they are born with less ability, both naturally and biologically. Therefore, perhaps the children themselves also want to be born according to their wishes. It may also be the fact that man cannot be proud of his origin from the mere lustful union of man and woman.

"On this earth, the next generation wants to be born as an existence of its own needs. It wants to be well-equipped with predetermined capabilities and competencies. And perhaps even the producers of the offspring understand the needs of the consumers. In the future, when the demand for talented children is high, it will promote mass production. Similarly, if the demand for the product is strong, the children can be booked in advance and sold in the supermarkets."

In the future, beliefs about children and parents will develop separately. It is not my intention to criticize or support it. But in the future, our definition and understanding of nature and natural processes will prove narrow. It has to be interpreted differently. What time will it be confirmed to be in the womb of the future? But as discussed above, traditional norms of marriage and child production will be destroyed.

What have Scientists and researchers said or are saying about modern technologies involved in Childbirth?

By 2074, more than 70% of humans will be born from artificial wombs, according to scientist J B S Haldane, who famously predicted this in the 1920s. Researchers from Japan have recently claimed they're close to producing human babies in the lab, using a machine to incubate eggs and sperm in an artificial uterus.
In today's world, such technologies and other studies are just examples. What does this mean? It indicates that in the coming days, technology will be developed to produce children in an easy and accessible manner.

What will be the sexuality and sexual feelings of that time?

In the material world, lust is the means of attaining pleasure. In the future, sexual organs may be used only as a means of pleasure. Its scope and limits may develop differently, or it may disappear by itself. Or sex may not be a priority for people. One thing is most likely: sexual pleasure will be artificial, personal, and more pleasurable for each person, and it will be beyond the compulsion of opposite-sex or same-sex intercourse. Current studies and developing technology have certainly shown some signs. Even more than this, if sexual desire is passive and ineffective, the person is almost a robot.

On the whole, no matter how much I think about it or how many aspects and dimensions of such issues are raised, I feel that shortly, children will be placed for sale in supermarkets or shopping malls, either by choice or by order. At that time, who will oppose or support such an opportunity as good fortune or misfortune? Who stands by which opinion? What kind of arguments will be presented? And what will be the nature of the rightist movements of that time?

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