Premier International IB Continuum School Hosts Successful STEAM Exhibition for NEB /+2 Students

LALITPUR, June 4:  Premier International IB Continuum School hosted a successful STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Exhibition on Friday, catering specifically to NEB /+2 students. The event provided a remarkable platform for students to showcase their innovative projects and foster a passion for interdisciplinary learning.

The STEAM Exhibition took place at Premier International IB Continuum School, the event featured an impressive array of projects that integrated concepts from various disciplines, allowing students to demonstrate their creativity and problem-solving skills.


The exhibits included interactive displays, presentations, and hands-on activities, enabling visitors to engage directly with the projects. The displayed projects covered a wide range of subjects, such as robotics, environmental science, coding, design, and more. Industry experts were present to evaluate the projects and provide valuable feedback to the participants.


Premier International IB Continuum School has stated that STEAM education is very important in preparing students for the challenges of the future and that by encouraging students to explore interdisciplinary connections, the school aims to foster critical thinking, innovation, and collaboration skills.

"We are thrilled with the overwhelming response and success of the STEAM Exhibition for NEB /+2 students," said Pravina Thapa the Academic Director at Premier International IB Continuum School. "The event provided a platform for young minds to showcase their talents and passion for STEAM subjects. We are proud of our students' achievements and their dedication to learning and innovation."


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