Clean-up Campaign in Shivapuri National Park

KATHMANDU, Jan. 27: A 10-week-long clean-up campaign was organized in Shivapuri National Park by Clean up Nepal, supported by Shivapuri National Park, and funded by the European Union. The clean-up campaign was launched under the framework of the EU Climate Diplomacy and the European Year of Youth 2022. 
This project is the second phase of the Shivapuri clean-up campaign and can be considered a follow-up project to implement 10 sensitization and awareness events from 22 October to 17 December 2022 at the entrance of the Shivapuri National Park for visitors to internalize and implement changes in their own actions.
A short animated awareness video was created on the consequences of haphazard waste disposal within national park areas. The video aims to sensitize visitors to national parks, particularly Shivapuri National Park, to not litter and leave nothing but footprints behind from their visit.

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