Province govts introduce budgets, here are highlights

KATHMANDU, June 15: Provincial governments in all seven provinces, on Tuesday, tabled the annual budgets for the upcoming fiscal year 2021/22. 

As per the Intergovernmental Fiscal Arrangement Act-2017, the province governments are required to present the annual budget on Ashar 1 (Mid-June). 

Here are the major highlights of the budget presented by the respective province governments across the country. 

Province 1 

Presented by : Tank Angbuhang, Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning
Budget Size: Rs 32.469 billion 
Concurrent Expenditure: Rs 14.161 billion
Revenue Mobilization: Rs 4.097 billion 

Major programs: 

> Residence and physical infrastructure development: Rs 13.21 billion

> Chief Minister Rural Roads Project 

> Ghinaghat-Birat Chowk Road under Provincial Pride Project 

> Health sector: Rs 3.25 billion

> Education Sector: Rs 1.18 billion 

> Chief Minister Youth Entrepreneurship Program: Rs 100 million

> Mero Krishi, Mero Gaurav (My Agriculture, My Pride) Rs 50.72 million 

> Energy and Irrigation: Rs 3.15 billion 

>  A 10-day tourism leave to civil servants 

Province 2

Presented by: Bijaya Kumar Yadav, Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning 

Size: Rs 33.791 billion 

Recurrent Expenditure: Rs 15.63 billion 

Capital Expenditure: Rs 18.5 billion 

Financing: Rs 58 million 

Major programs: 

> COVID-19 control, prevention and treatment : Rs 200 million 

> Oxygen plant installation and oxygen cylinder procurement 

> Irrigation Project: Rs 410 million 

> Procurement of 35 dialysis machines: Rs 120 million 


Bagmati Province

Presented By: Kailash Prasad Dhungel, Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning 

Size: Rs 57.729 billion 

Recurrent expenditure: Rs 26.166 billion 

Capital expenditure: Rs 29.704 billion 

Financial management: Rs 2 billion 

Major programs: 

> One school, one nurse : Rs 260 million 

> Chief Minister People’s Health Check up Program : Rs 220 million 


Presented by: Krishna Chandra Nepali Pokharel, Chief Minister 

Size: Rs 30.394 billion 

Recurrent expenditure: Rs 13.6 billion 

Capital Expenditure: Rs 16.73 billion 

Financial Management: Rs 240 million 

Major programs: 

> Rs 50,000 as compensation to the families of those dying of COVID-19 

> Rs 5,000 monthly allowance to those children who lost their parents due to COVID-19 

> Multi-sectoral Nutrition Program : Rs 15 million 

> District hospitals to be upgraded to 25 to 50-bed 

> Rs 10 million to be provided to each local level for province-local level partnership program 

> 2 to 5-bed ICU to be set up at every district hospital

> Madhyabindu Hospital (Nawalpur), Damauli Hospital (Tanahun), Dhaulagiri Hospital (Baglung), and Bhirkot Hospital (Parbat) to be upgraded to trauma centers

> Gorkha-based Aanp Pipal Hospital to be upgraded to 50-bed 

Presented by: Baijnath Chaudhary, Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning 

Size: Rs 40.951 billion 

Recurrent expenditure: Rs 24.93 billion 

Capital expenditure: Rs 21.17 billion 

Major programs

> Priority on COVID-19 control , agriculture and employment 

> Free treatment of COVID-19 patients 

> Lumbini Provincial Hospital to be upgraded to highly specialized equipped hospital : Rs 250 million 

> Oxygen plants to be installed at every district-level hospitals 

> Coordination with four private medical colleges --- Universal Medical College, Nepalgunj Medical College, Lumbini Medical College and Devdaha Medical College for the treatment of corona patients 

> Health workers to be provided 50 percent allowance of their basic salary 

> Agriculture technician to be deployed in every wards: Rs 330 million 

> One Level, One Smart Agriculture Village Program: Rs 350 million 

> Contract Farming Program to be extended to 1,200 hectares 

> Mini labs to be established in every districts for soil testing

Karnali Province

Presented by: Gopal Sharma, Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning 

Size: Rs 36.456 billion 

Recurrent expenditure: Rs 11.49 billion 

Capital expenditure: Rs 21.65 billion 

Financing: Rs 3.99 billion 


Sudur Paschim Province

Presented By: Prakash Bahadur Shah, Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning

Size: Rs 30.33 billion 

Recurrent expenditure: Rs 10.66 billion 

Capital expenditure: 17.65 billion 

Financial management: Rs 300 million 

Major programs: 

> DPR development of Naugad, Sunarya Gad and Upper Sunarya Gad Hydro Projects 

> Physical Infrastructure Development Ministry: Rs 11.75 billion 

> Horticulture development: Rs 100 million 

> Agriculture Student Program: Rs 40 million 

> Health Sector: Rs 2.42 billion 

> Access to COVID-19 vaccines and upgradation of COVID-19 labs 

> Programs such as Our Province, Healthy Province, Chief Minister Senior Citizen Health Service

> Trauma center to be set up at Seti Provincial Hospital, Epidemiology Hospital at Seti Hospital

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