Salute! Hunger free Campaigner

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Now a days, with the long term effect of Covid -19, in our community many people have become jobless, homeless, support less and foodless. In this crisis hungry one only seeks for food by hook and crook. No job, no salary, no business, no gain only investment and only hungry belly, couldn’t be managed by self.

Salute for those campaigner, who have big heart and great soul, have tried their best to put one brick from their side with social responsibilities. Many street children, physical disabilities, physical labors, intellectual distracters and many more were foodless. Corona was minor for them. They were dying with their appetite and died for food. They were not demanding for hospital investigation, hospital research and nothing more. They were just trying to live their valuable life without any bothering of hunger. So campaigners from different region, sector and institutions, you are really God for them, Salute for you.

Now days, kind hearted campaigner are providing food packets for needy, poor street children and hungry people in different areas. Tundikhel, Buspark , Koteshwor , Gaushala, Gangabu, Kalimati and many more places are the hot spots for hungry people. Every day by walking few miles, they reach there for their belly. If they don’t walk for their belly, there is no alternative way out. On the day of constitution amendment too, some people were chased by police with their empty plates in Tundikhel because respected President was coming there to make the constitution day program more attractive and effective. Either it was the constitutional right of the people or not, to get the right of food by state, they were full of innocence. For them government couldn’t do anything, but some of the kind hearted and great soul people, businessman, doctors, workers, social motivators, actors ,actress and many more have given something aparting from their launch. They have given food and shelter for needy ones.

 In the mid of devastating news heading like corruption, black market and bankruptcy , some broadcasted news give somehow relief for us. Landlord excused the rent during covid, 19 years girl supported for unidentified soul, Rajesh Hamal Put his hand for Hunger Free Campaign, Dr. Rita fids 1000 orphans and street childrens  in a day, Mr Raju has started his Food Install in 15 Places of Kathmandu, Baburam Bhattarai and his party are supporting for street children, Mr. Rabindra Fids food in Lalitpur, Mr. Bhandari Handed One lakh for food in Tudikheel , Rotary Club handed 20 lakh in Hunger free Campaign and so on. These characters are one the representation for great soul. But everyone they don’t have same type of kind heart. Some of the groups have been leaped with corruption and black marketing during this pandemic too. Everybody they don’t have giving soul. Those who have been guided by spiritual and social service, guided with service motto, salute for your sake.

Even a four years child walks miles away only for food. Street venders and their family walk miles only for food. Sick and unable people crawl and scroll miles away only for food. Hunger free campaigner, you are there only for the hungry people and poor people. You are there only for the people who have no one in family, society and state. You are for those who don’t have anyone in their life. You are God, You are father, and you are all in all.

You have your family, business, responsibilities and many more, but have kind heart and great soul for them. You can manage your time, intuition and thinking for them. If you hadn’t managed food, they would die on the street being hungry instead of disease. You are great. Every day in media, everyone post their photo after offering relief package. Government had distributed relief package for hunger ones and spent around 1200 million for relief package at the beginning stage. But now, in the climax of pandemic after 8-9 months of Covid there were no one for them. So you were there for quenching of their hunger, salute for your great work. You need no photo, no advertisement and no news covering. Why you are offering food and shelter for them? They don’t have anything to pay for you. But they have great heart can pray for you. They can bless fr your work. You won’t be suffered for anything else. You are great; you have kind heart feeding for them. So salute for your great work.

Baburam Gautam

Mr. Baburam Gautan is Principal of The Sunshine School and Campus Chief of Citizens Integrated College 


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