The Impact of Video Games: A fourth grader's perspective

Video games – Are they good or bad?

Video games are played to entertain ourselves. People play them for various reasons, but many children play because they think they can earn money. However, video games often make us spend money by advertising special characters that we can't get rid of until we obtain them. This leads me to believe that video games are bad, and I agree.

Firstly, video games are popular, especially among children who play them day and night. They become so addicted that they may even run away from home or, in extreme cases, harm their parents.

It becomes challenging for parents to control their kids as they steal money to play these games, wasting large sums. Children's obsession with video games can lead to outbursts of anger, resulting in them even hurting their own family members, including grandparents.

Parents face immense difficulty in ensuring their children focus on studies. Despite being enrolled in tuition classes for hours, kids find ways to sneak off and play video games instead. Some families end up financially strained due to excessive spending on these games, causing rifts and heartbreak between parents and children. It's disheartening when children disregard their parents' concerns, preferring to be left alone to play games.

Various games like Free Fire and PUBG are immensely popular among both children and adults nowadays. However, I believe certain games, like PUBG and Free Fire, should be banned due to their addictive nature. Many kids and families suffer financially, barely affording basic necessities because of these games.

Thus, video games have a negative impact on children's lives.

In conclusion, I advocate for stricter regulations on video games, especially those that are highly addictive. It's crucial to prioritize the well-being and development of our children over indulgence in video games that can lead to adverse consequences.

(Author is a fourth grader Excelsior School) 


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