Impact on education by Covid-19

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Four-month have passed since the Covid-19 has emerged and yet no vaccine to be found the world has been in lockdown for more than 2 months. During this lockdown, it has made a severe impact on world education and the economy. Both schools and offices have been closed to decrease the increasing cases and every life has changed since then. People are now searching for different measure to work and learn during this time. Online classes and exams are being held to complete the course of the current semester.

After the Covid-19 pandemic was announced by the World Health Organization (WHO) many institutions began to shut down for the safety of students, teachers, professors, and other staff. Due to this, the course of students could not be completed and many high school courses have taken different majors to complete their courses. The effect of Coivd-19 has brought higher stress levels to the students. The life of every student had changed as online classes are being held. Maintaining the schedule from home is getting harder for many students and is missing the classes.

The education system has messed and it is still unknown how it is going to recover. The drawbacks of Covid-19 on education are flawless from finance to maintaining the schedule. Many families who are economically struggling in this period cannot afford to help their children in learning progress as everything now has been technological meaning technology is being used to teach a student with the help of online platforms such as zoom and hangout. The economically struggling cannot afford to have the privilege of technology to use such a platform. The schedule cannot be properly maintained as one or the other work pops up when working from home. Even then the connection of the internet plays a huge role in this case. The internet traffic which is obviously may interrupt the learning environment for both teachers and students which leads to concentration difficulties. Delays of many courses will be seen as there is still no proper way to help every student take the course because of their family economic struggle.

While there are many drawbacks to the situation, it, of course, comes with benefits as well. Students will have new opportunities to make themselves even better with the help of thousands of online courses. There are many online resources to learn from khan academy to udemy and skillshare. Due to the situation, a new method of learning will be found to cope with the situation. The education system of the word may also change due to this. The world moving vastly toward the technological era, students can learn programming, designing and other skills to move up with the time. New learning opportunity for students can be seen as they are switching from frontal classes to only classes which make the classes more interesting and exciting.

Covid-19 or not every one of us never should stop educating ourselves as learning is never over. Learning things is easier but educating oneself is a lot harder but when done we become more civilized and sensible. So never stop learning!

Asal Sharma

Student of Ullens School


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