'Rowena Grubbly & The Tale of Queen Astren', a novel by 10th grader, released

Kathmandu, June 17

A novel entitled 'Rowena Grubbly & The Tale of World Queen Astren' was released amid a function here in the capital. The novel written in English by Hritzu Gautam, a student of Grade 10, was jointly released by former Chancellor of Nepal Academy Ganga Prasad Upreti, poet Devi Nepal and poet and critic Dipendra Adhikari.

While commenting the book, critic Adhikari said, "The novel introduces readers to a magical land where young wizards and witches are trained to harness their powers and protect their realm. The protagonist, Rowena, known by her wizard name Silver moon, embarks on a journey filled with peril and excitement.

Once a victim of bullying, Rowena's transformation into powerful leader is central to the narrative." Adhikari argued that the book is a good reading material for the teenagers who enjoy reading magical and supernatural stories.

The novel develops in the supernatural setting and imaginative characters, spreads a strong message of psychology that no victims are victimized forever, if they reveal themselves, they can be a leader.

Similarly, writer Upreti opined that the Nepali writers writing in English should be promoted and supported from all sides.

Author of the newly-released novel Gautam urged all readers to inspire her by reading and commenting the book so that she could continue writing further.

The book was published by Saan Memorial Service Society. The price of the book is 300 rupees.

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