Ratifying MCC was a blunder, says Jhalanath Khanal

Kathmandu—Jhalnath Khanal, 'respected leader' of the CPN (Unified Socialist), labeled the ratification of the MCC agreement as a grave mistake within Nepal's Communist movement. Speaking at an interaction program titled 'Socialist Revolution in Nepal' in Kathmandu on Sunday, Khanal, a former Prime Minister, expressed his belief that endorsing the MCC constituted a significant error.

He highlighted the escalating threats to Nepal's national sovereignty, citing imperialist and hegemonic powers' multifaceted intrusions. Khanal emphasized the imperative for Nepali citizens to consistently resist such encroachments with patriotic fervor. He characterized the decision to approve the MCC amidst such challenges as a misstep on their part.

Furthermore, Khanal underscored that the MCC's approval stands as a blunder within Nepal's communist movement, and he emphasized the accountability of the leaders involved. "Leaders must face the consequences of their actions," Khanal remarked.

The MCC received parliamentary approval on February 27, 2022, during the tenure of Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba's government, with support from the major communist parties of Nepal.

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