Madhesh Chief Minister Yadav requests postponement of vote of confidence

Birgunj: Madhesh Chief Minister Saroj Kumar Yadav has requested the speaker to postpone the agenda regarding the vote of confidence that is going to be taken today. The meeting of the state assembly has been called at 3 pm today.

He requested Speaker Ramchandra Mandal to move the agenda related to vote of confidence from today's meeting and set it for June 10. The Secretariat of the Provincial Assembly has informed that Chief Minister Yadav requested the Office of the Provincial Assembly to postpone the date of the confidence vote scheduled for today, citing his illness.

According to the Provincial Speaker Mandal, Chief Minister Yadav has recently sent a letter to the Provincial Assembly stating that he is unwell. "In the letter, the date of the vote of confidence has been requested to be moved from the agenda of the meeting that will be held at 3 pm today," he said.

The Speaker Mandal said that a decision on the request will be taken after further discussion. According to him, it will be decided after discussing with the consultative committee and party leaders.

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