Home Ministry reiterates instructions to restore encroached public land

KATHMANDU: The Home Ministry has once again directed all 77 district administration offices to take immediate action to restore encroached public land to its previous state.

Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane issued these directives to the district administration offices on Friday, reinforcing the ministry's commitment to address land encroachment issues.

Minister Lamichhane emphasized the urgency of the matter and instructed the district administration offices to provide detailed reports on the actions taken thus far. Additionally, he mandated that daily progress reports be submitted to the Ministry moving forward.

In line with these instructions, the District Administration Office in Kathmandu took action on Thursday to seal off land belonging to the Nepal Scout organization, along with any structures constructed on it. This action was taken after it was discovered that a private company had been unlawfully utilizing the property even after the termination of its lease.

Furthermore, efforts to address land encroachment continued as the land of the Agriculture Materials Company underwent surveying on Friday.

The Home Ministry remains committed to ensuring the rightful use of public land and will continue to monitor and address instances of encroachment across the country.

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