CPN (Unified Socialist) General Convention rescheduled for June 30 to July 4

KATHMANDU: The 10th national general convention of CPN (Unified Socialist) is set to take place in Kathmandu from June 30 to July 4, following the postponement of the originally scheduled dates due to insufficient internal preparations, announced party Spokesperson Jagannath Khatiwada.

Originally planned for May 16, the convention had to be rescheduled to allow for adequate preparation, ensuring its effectiveness and inclusivity.

In a recent secretariat meeting convened at the central office in Aloknagar, the party made significant decisions, one of which involved the nomination of Dirgha Sodari as the candidate for the Chief Minister position in Sudur Paschim Province.

Dirgha Sodari, a prominent figure within the CPN (Unified Socialist) and the leader of the party's Sudur Paschim Parliamentary Party, emerged as the chosen candidate for the crucial role of Chief Minister. This decision reflects the party's strategic approach to regional leadership and governance.

The rescheduled convention and the nomination of Dirgha Sodari mark important milestones for CPN (Unified Socialist) as it navigates its organizational and political landscape.

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