Home Minister Lamichhane dismisses allegations of involvement in cooperatives fraud case

KATHMANDU: Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister, Rabi Lamichhane, has emphatically refuted any involvement in the financial cooperatives' fraud case, particularly concerning the Supremo cooperatives of Rupandehi.

In a statement posted on social media today, Home Minister Lamichhane categorically denied the allegations made in certain news reports linking him to the said case.

He clarified that while a fraudulent account was indeed opened in his name to secure a loan, the funds were not deposited into his personal account.

Moreover, investigations have uncovered crucial discrepancies, including the absence of essential documents such as citizenship certificates, loan request forms, three-generation details, and signatures or thumbprints, during the loan application process.

Asserting his innocence, the Home Minister stressed that he cannot be held accountable for irregularities committed by individuals such as GB Rai.

He emphasized that his involvement was limited to being a shareholder in the Gorkha Media Network Pvt Ltd at the time of the incident.

In his appeal to all concerned parties, Minister Lamichhane urged against engaging in activities that could impede police investigations or influence the ongoing legal proceedings surrounding the case.

As the investigation unfolds, Minister Lamichhane remains committed to cooperating fully with authorities to ensure a transparent and fair resolution to the matter.

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