CPN (Maoist Centre) kicks off statute conference in Kathmandu

KATHMANDU: The CPN (Maoist Centre) has initiated its Statute Conference in the capital, marking a significant step in the party's organizational structure.

With meticulous preparations completed, the event commenced at 11:00 am in the meeting hall of Nepal Academy.

Dor Prasad Upadhyay, the secretary of the party's central office, confirmed the participation of over 1,200 representatives from various regions across the country.

The conference, spanning three days, aims to foster a more organized approach to running the party's affairs.

Attendees include central committee members, alternate central committee members, and representatives from the three central commissions.

Additionally, office-bearers from seven territorial and three non-territorial province committees, along with members of sister organizations, are actively engaged in the proceedings.

The Statute Conference underscores the party's commitment to operating in a structured and systematic manner, reflecting its dedication to strengthening internal governance and coherence.

Previously, the party established a statute drafting committee led by vice-chairperson Pampha Bhusal to oversee the formulation of essential guidelines and regulations.

This conference represents a crucial milestone in the party's evolution, signifying its proactive approach to adapt to changing political landscapes while remaining rooted in its ideological principles.

As the conference unfolds, discussions and deliberations are expected to shape the future trajectory of the CPN (Maoist Centre), positioning it strategically within Nepal's dynamic political arena.

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