No Excuses, No Exceptions: Gagan Thapa rallies against public land encroachment, citizenship forgery, or cooperative fraud

KATHMANDU: Gagan Thapa, the general secretary of the Nepali Congress, resounds with a resolute call for accountability in public affairs, echoing through the corridors of power in Kathmandu.

Addressing the esteemed gathering at the House of Representatives (HoR) meeting on Wednesday, Thapa's impassioned plea resonated with unwavering conviction: no one, regardless of their station or influence, should evade the consequences for encroaching upon public lands, falsifying citizenships, or perpetrating deceit in cooperative endeavors.

With the specter of Arun Chaudhary's recent entanglement in the Bansbari-based Leather Shoe Factory land imbroglio looming large, Thapa's voice rings clear: the rule of law must reign supreme, sparing none from its judicious gaze.

Political might or economic prowess, Thapa contends, must not shield individuals from the scrutiny of justice, particularly in matters concerning the exploitation of public resources.

Thapa's clarion call reverberates beyond the hallowed halls of parliament, transcending partisan divides and ideological allegiances.

It serves as a rallying cry for a new era of governance characterized by transparency, integrity, and equitable treatment under the law.


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