Election Commission urges Nepali citizens to register names in electoral roll

KATHMANDU: The Election Commission (EC) is calling upon all eligible Nepali citizens who missed registering their names in the voters' namelist for various reasons to do so before the announcement of the date for the upcoming by-election.

The EC has initiated internal preparations to determine the by-election date in accordance with the law, consulting with the government of Nepal to fill vacant posts through the by-poll process.

Currently, there are 23 vacant positions at different local levels, province assemblies, and the House of Representatives following the local-level elections on April 23 and the elections for the Province Assembly and House of Representatives on November 20, 2023.

In a press release, EC Spokesperson Shaligram Sharma Poudel stated that the EC is actively registering voter namelists through province and district election offices.

The EC is confident that all eligible Nepali citizens nationwide have been registered in the electoral roll as per the existing legal provisions related to voter registration.

The EC emphasizes the importance of eligible citizens, particularly those from concerned local levels, province assembly constituencies, and House of Representatives constituencies, to register their names in the electoral roll before the announcement of the by-election date.

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