Federal Parliament gears up for winter session starting today

Know the potential agendas

KATHMANDU: As the winter session of the Federal Parliament commences this Monday, House of Representatives (HoR) Speaker Devraj Ghimire announced the completion of all preparations for the upcoming parliamentary meetings.

In an evaluation of the ongoing preparations, Speaker Ghimire emphasized the importance of passing essential bills for the state during this winter session. Expressing commitment to an organized approach, he mentioned the formulation of a parliamentary session calendar to enhance the effectiveness of the winter session.

The Speaker highlighted the government's assurance to facilitate a robust legislative agenda by presenting various bills. "A collective effort is crucial to ensure the timely enactment of laws and achieve our legislative targets. Let us move forward, learning from past experiences, and focus on creating a positive trajectory for our nation," added Ghimire.

Dasharath Dhamala, Assistant Spokesperson of the Federal Parliament, disclosed that Speaker Ghimire has already engaged in consultations with the Minister for Law, Justice, and Parliamentary Affairs regarding the bills slated for discussion during the winter session.

Anticipation is high for a session that promises to address critical legislative matters, contributing to the overall development and well-being of the nation. Stay tuned for comprehensive coverage as the Federal Parliament navigates through its winter agenda.

Here is the list of potential agendas:


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