Talks started between protesting drivers and the government

Kathmandu: The drivers of gasoline tankers, who are presently staging a protest against seven demands, have agreed to hold talks with the government administration. Talks at the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Supply started today with the drivers, who started their protest last Sunday.

This morning's meeting started late as it was supposed to start at 9:30 a.m. As a result of the Petroleum Tanker Drivers' Association strike, there is no longer any petroleum product transportation taking place in the Kathmandu Valley, including gasoline and diesel.

According to the drivers' union, employees have long endured subpar working conditions. The union president, Ishwor Lama, stated that tanker drivers' complaints had gone unanswered despite their repeated requests for the Oil Corporation, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, and other relevant authorities to resolve these issues.

The following are the demands that the union has made:

-According to labor rules, appointment letters should be given to all tanker drivers and helpers and their pay should be in line with Nepalese government requirements.

-It should be possible to do away with the need for yearly renewals and double bank guarantees, which are only necessary in situations involving self-employment.

-It is important to maintain proper temperature control.

-It is necessary to make arrangements for Social Security Fund affiliation.

-For more than 50 liters, double cases ought to be rejected.

-Drivers and helpers should be given a risk allowance.

-Every three months, safety alert training should be provided to drivers and helpers.



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