Over 400,000 tourists visit Mustang by road in past year

KATHMANDU: In the span from April 14, 2023, to April 12, 2024, over 400,000 tourists made their way to Mustang via road, as per data from the Ghasa police station, situated at the transit point to Myagdi-Mustang.

The statistics reveal that a total of 414,280 domestic and foreign tourists explored Mustang during this period.

Among domestic visitors, 335,466 arrived via road, comprising 220,724 males and 114,742 females, stated Deputy Superintendent Bhojraj Pandey, Chief of the District Police Office, Mustang.

Additionally, 78,814 foreigners journeyed to Mustang during the same timeframe.

Of these, 72,756 hailed from SAARC countries, while 6,058 came from non-SAARC nations.

The breakdown further indicates that 38,821 males and 33,935 females from SAARC countries visited Mustang, alongside 3,648 males and 2,410 females from non-SAARC countries.

Furthermore, 11,484 tourists opted for air travel to reach Mustang.

Among them, 1,679 were domestic tourists (1,134 males and 545 females), 8,055 were from SAARC countries (3,767 males and 4,288 females), and 1,750 hailed from non-SAARC nations (886 males and 864 females).

Known as the district beyond the Himalayas, Mustang continues to attract visitors with its unique desert-like landscape, Himalayan climate, rich culture, and iconic landmarks such as the Muktinath temple, lakes, monasteries, and caves.

Local tourism entrepreneurs note a gradual increase in tourist inflow to religious and tourist sites in Mustang, including Muktinath, Jomsom, Kagbeni, Lo Manthang, Marpha, Thini, and Dhumba Lake, particularly since last year.

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