Price of gold rises to Rs 136,200 per tola in Nepali market

KATHMANDU: The price of gold has seen an upward trend in the domestic market today, according to the Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers' Association.

Hallmark gold, considered the standard, has observed a rise of Rs 600 per tola (equivalent to 11.66 grams) and is currently being traded at Rs 136,200 per tola.

This marks an increase from Rs 135,600 per tola recorded on Sunday.

Similarly, worked gold is now being traded at Rs 135,550 per tola, compared to Rs 134,950 per tola on Sunday.

Additionally, the Federation has set the price of silver at Rs 1,685 per tola, reflecting an increase from Rs 1,670 per tola observed on Sunday.

The rise in the price of precious metals indicates shifts in market dynamics, prompting attention from investors and consumers alike.

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