Weather update for Kathmandu and surrounding regions

KATHMANDU: The meteorological forecast for today suggests a blend of partly to generally cloudy skies across the country, attributed to the influence of a westerly low-pressure system, according to the Weather Forecasting Division.

There's a chance of sporadic light rain accompanied by thunder and lightning expected in select areas of the hilly regions within Koshi and Madhes provinces, with the possibility extending to one or two spots in other parts of the nation.

Additionally, the Division has indicated the potential for light snowfall in specific locales of the high hills and mountainous terrains.

As the day progresses into nightfall, the weather is anticipated to maintain a partly cloudy disposition in Koshi, Madhes, and Bagmati provinces, while the remainder of the country will experience clearer skies.

There's a slight chance of isolated rain showers in a few places within the hilly areas of Koshi and Gandaki provinces.

In terms of temperatures, Kathmandu is forecasted to reach a maximum of 21.5 degrees Celsius, with the mercury dropping to a minimum of 9.3 degrees Celsius.

Residents are advised to stay updated on further weather developments and take necessary precautions as needed.

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