EPS Korean language exams commence today

KATHMANDU: The Korean language examinations conducted by the EPS Korea Section have commenced today.

The examinations are scheduled in five shifts per day, accommodating 1,000 examinees per session, as confirmed by Maiya Kandel, the director at EPS Korea Section.

"In the initial phase, a total of 47,519 individuals are expected to take part in the examinations.

Additionally, arrangements have been made to conduct exams on Saturdays," stated Kandel.

Participants are required to register their biometrics at the EPS Office in Gwarko a day prior to the examination date.

Furthermore, an orientation session will be conducted an hour before the exam.

It's imperative to note that students are strictly prohibited from carrying mobile phones, smartphones, or any electronic communication devices into the examination hall.

In 2023, a substantial number of 63,635 individuals had submitted forms to partake in exams for the manufacturing sector in Korea.


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