Public transport fares increase in Bagmati province

KATHMANDU, Aug 24: The Bagmati Provincial Government has adjusted [increased] the public transport fares as the price of fuel increases.

The fare rate was adjusted by the ministerial decision of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Transport on the 21st of August. The adjusted fare will be applicable from Friday according to the notice administered in the gazette.

The transport fare for 0-5 km has been increased from Rs 18 to Rs 19 in the Kathmandu Valley. The fare for 10 km has been increased from Rs 24 to Rs 26. 

Similarly, the fare for 15 km has been increased from Rs 29 to Rs 31. The fare for 20 km has also been increased from Rs 32 to Rs 35. The fare for over 20 km has been increased from Rs 37 to Rs 40.

On the other hand, the fare for vehicles operating outside the valley has been increased by 5.31 percent.

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