Barahi Group to operate five-star hotel in Pokhara

KATHMANDU, Aug 17: The Barahi Yuga having chartered a four-decade of experience in the hospitality sector has intensified its preparation to operate a five-star hotel in Sedi, Pokhara. 

The company is investing Rs 6 billion for the establishment and operation of the standard hotel in the popular touristic city of Nepal. The hotel will be brought into operation by 2026. 

Organizing a press conference in Kathmandu, the Barahi Group informed that the hotel with a capacity to accommodate 1,200 people was being constructed. 

Stretched over an area of 63 ropanis of land, the hotel will have 171 rooms. It includes exquisite quality facilities related to casinos, spas and fitness. 

The Barahi Sedi Limited registered as a public limited company has also floated a plan to go for an initial primary opening. 

The long experience in the area of hospitality will be utilized in the expansion of service through the well-equipped five-star hospital, informed Institutional Director of Barahi Hospitality, Yogendra Thapa.

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