Public vehicle fares increase

KATHMANDU, Aug 16: Along with the increase in the price of petroleum products, the inter-provincial public transport fare has also increased. Based on the automatic price system, the Transport Management Department has increased the fares of public vehicles with effect from Wednesday.

According to the department, the fare of passenger vehicles has been increased by 4.70 percent, while the fare of freight vehicles operating on hilly roads has been increased by 6.15 percent. Similarly, the fare of freight vehicles operating on the Terai route has been increased by 6.83 percent.

As per the scientific fare adjustment system practiced by the department, there is a provision to increase or decrease the fare of inter-provincial public transport automatically if the market price of fuel increases or decreases by 5 percent or more. According to the same arrangement, the rent has been adjusted.

Nepal Oil Corporation increased the price of Diesel by Rs 14 to Rs 165.83 per liter and it came into effect from Tuesday night.

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