Talents in Nepal and Inspiring Story of Nepalese Digital Marketer

KATHMANDU, May 13: For today’s youths, employment essentially means attaining government jobs or going to foreign nations in Nepal. Almost every youngster strives to chase these two options. Most of them return to their homeland with the disappointment of failure. 

Upon their return, some carry immense despair, while others opt to make smart investments in their own home. 

Moreover, the youths of today are fond of technology – some prefer to learn stuff from Facebook and Twitter. Similarly, some others spend their time watching and sharing fun pieces of stuff. 

However, we can also find youngsters making good money from social media and the internet. Such people are staying at home and making their daily livelihood, taking good care of the entire family through a rewarding financial position. 

Meanwhile, when some people hear about making money staying at home, they just find it completely bluff or utterly ridiculous, but this is the real outlook of today’s world. 

A living example of this is a resident of Itahari, Suman Kumar Phuyal.

In today’s market, there is a growing interest in the current scenario of technology. 

Taking this sector as a means of career, the up-and-rising Suman was interested in computers from an early age. Carrying this mindset he has been successful at starting a career in this field. 

He is cementing his career in digital media for a long period. Suman is a young person who in recent days has been striving to make a future for himself in the Information Technology sector of Nepal.

Whenever a search engine is mentioned, the first thing that pops up in people’s minds is Google, Bing, Yandex, and Yahoo. The majority just find search engines synonymous with Google. 

In a basic sense, when we need to know about something, we google it or search it on Google. And these search engines provide results in the form of content such as web pages, images, and videos. Did you know there is a huge competition to ensure the web contents of the search results pop up at the top? 

This is true – the biggest concern for the investors of web technology is to ensure the results turn up on the very first page itself as high as possible. 

There is a solution to it as well. The trending scenario of web promotion means numerous optimization tools are being used. And using such tools has given birth to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is being prioritized as the most significant tool in Information Technology. 

Some IT Companies in Nepal, too have hired employees for SEO. The demand for SEO specialists has risen since every person, organization and media is looking to promote their web content.

Suman who is involved in the search optimization field is recognized as an ambitious personality involved in SEO, a web developer, and a digital media marketing expert. His special attribute is the motivation he carries every day to make a name for himself by displaying his talent and skill in the Nepalese market. 

Impressively, he is not just bound to Nepal. He has taken on several projects for foreign companies as well. Meanwhile, Search Engine Optimization is itself a massive, strong, and potentially reputed profession.

Speaking of himself, Suman said: “I am involved in the IT career since 2013. I’ve had to endure different challenges during this period. However, I took strides forward overcoming multiple such challenges along the way.”

He continued: “The previous government regulations on information technology, the development of online media, the rise in investment of local sectors in information technology, has paved the way to make sure Search Engine Optimization provides more and more opportunities in the current technological climate.”

In recent days, those striving to turn web technology into an investment opportunity as well as the web content of any products and services seem to be growing.

The world revolves around the click of a mouse through the development of the internet and the reach of the users, whether you’re seeking to gain an education or trying to run a business – the significance of websites and SEO is growing each day. 

And Suman is searching for his role in this change. Today it’s almost impossible to contemplate businesses of any sector taking place without the web and social media. As much as the convenience of the goods and production sector is rising thanks to e-commerce, it is not growing as much as desired because of the lack of understanding of the key components under which it runs resulting in fewer returns on their investment. Thus, a single tool is made to take care of all these issues – Search Engine Optimization.

A person capable of displaying his talent on a national and international scale is a freelancer. Even the best companies today such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are prioritizing freelancers. 

In this modern age, international companies and personnel are hiring freelancers through Internet technology. To ensure quick and quality services, international companies are providing jobs to accountants, Graphics designers, photographers, Software programmers, Data Entry, and so on. 

It’s not only limited to developed countries Suman is a current example that even someone in Nepal can work for international firms in the form of a freelancer while sitting at home through the medium of internet. 

Phuyal has been successful in receiving remarkable ratings and reviews after giving his valuable time to different firms situated in countries such as Australia, America, the UK, Japan, India, and Israel. Suman who has been successfully undertaking dozens of projects in the last 10 years says: “It is possible to make a living by showcasing your skills in the international market through the medium of internet.”

The Internet is within reach of 30.70% citizens of the overall population of Nepal and the majority of the people belonging to this group appear to use Internet and technology for merely social media. 

Even though the information technology of Nepal pales in comparison to developed countries, people can perform their research to update and study one’s desired technology. 

Moreover, it’s becoming crucial to understand the importance of this aspect. Phuyal says the usefulness of information technology and the internet is not just limited to the facility, but rather significant for the recognition of a nation globally as well as its overall economic progress.

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