18 times more applications in Kalinchok Darshan's IPO

KATHMANDU, Jan. 21: 14 lakh 32 thousand 881 people have applied for ordinary shares (IPO) of Kalinchok Darshan. According to CDSC and Clearing, the said application was received till the last moment. The applicants of that number have demanded shares worth 1 billion 668 million rupees.
The company opened an IPO sale of 1 million 80 thousand shares worth Rs 108 million from January 16th to January 20th. Out of which 108 thousand shares were allocated for those who went for foreign employment and 54 thousand shares were allocated to the collective investment fund. Similarly, 21 thousand 600 shares were separated for the employees.
The remaining 896 thousand 400 shares were sold to the general public. However, during this period, 18 and a half times more shares were demanded from the general public, than the opened sale.

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