Muktinath Development Bank to give bonus shares and cash dividend

POKHARA, Jan. 14: Muktinath Bikas Bank Limited is going to give bonus shares and cash dividends to the shareholders. On Saturday, its sixteenth annual general meeting in Pokhara passed a resolution to provide a 14.2105 percent dividend to the shareholders from the profit of the financial year 2078/079. Out of this dividend, 13.05 percent will be bonus shares and the rest will be cash dividends for tax purposes.
The meeting held under the chairmanship of Bharatraj Dhakal, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the bank, also passed general resolutions including the appointment of auditors. In the general meeting, Chairman Khagendraraj Regmi presented the annual report for the financial year 2078/079 on behalf of the board of directors. Also, to encourage digital transactions, the bank has made arrangements to withdraw cash without additional fees, from any other bank's ATM machine affiliated with the Visa network across Nepal using its ATM card.

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