Gold price up by 1600 this week

KATHMANDU, Jan. 14: Gold price in the Nepali market has seen an increase of 1 thousand 600 rupees per tola this week. The price of gold has increased by 1 thousand 600 rupees this week, according to Nepal Gold and Silver Traders Federation.

On Friday last week, the price of fine gold per tola was 1 Lakh 2 thousand 300 rupees, which has been maintained at 1 Lakh 3 thousand 900 rupees yesterday. Similarly, the price of Tejabi gold has reached 1 Lakh 3 thousand 400 rupees.

On Sunday, the first trading day of the week, the price of gold rose by Rs 1,000. Similarly, the price of gold, which increased by 500 rupees on Monday, decreased by 400 rupees on Tuesday, again decreased by 300 on Wednesday, and increased by 200 on Thursday and 500 on Friday, according to the Federation.

Similarly, the price of silver has remained stable this week. Compared to last week's Friday, this week's Friday has the same trading price. On Friday last week, the price of silver was 1365 rupees per tola, which is maintained on Friday of this week as well.

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