Handicraft exports to Europe decline by 20%

KATHMANDU: The ongoing conflict in Europe has had a significant impact on Nepal's handicraft industry, with exports to the continent experiencing a 20% decrease.

Prachanda Shakya, President of the Federation of Handicraft Associations of Nepal, confirmed the decline.

Key items such as hand-made paper, pashmina, and felt are among those exported in large quantities to Europe. Last year, handicraft exports to Europe amounted to goods worth Rs 6 billion, but this year, the exports have dropped by 20%.

"The conflict in Europe has adversely affected Nepal's handicraft trade.

However, exports to other countries remain relatively stable," Shakya stated.

According to data from the Federation, Nepal exports handicrafts and sculptures valued at approximately Rs 12 billion annually. Notably, handicraft exports for the months of Mangsir and Poush alone amount to Rs 8 billion.

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