NC Mahasamiti Meet: Koshi Province calls for gender inclusion in party leadership

LALITPUR: In a significant development during the Nepali Congress' policy-making conclave at Godawari today, all 14 district presidents from Koshi Province voiced a collective perspective through 16 key points.

Their presentations covered various aspects including statute amendments, organizational hierarchy, and mobilization strategies. A notable demand put forward by the district presidents pertained to the composition of the party's central members, advocating for the inclusion of regional (province constituency) representatives as Mahasamiti members instead of the existing absolute Mahasamiti members.

Furthermore, they emphasized the imperative of gender inclusion in pivotal positions across the party hierarchy, from the ward level to the central committee. This proposal entails the appointment of women as vice chairs and secretaries at the ward level, and as vice chairs, secretaries/general secretaries, and treasurers at the central level.

Another significant proposal endorsed by the district presidents relates to the nomination process, advocating for chairs at all levels to have the authority to nominate 50% of the members.

Regarding political appointments and positions of benefit within the party, the district presidents stressed the need to limit the tenure to two terms for the president or vice president of the country, chief minister, and prime minister. However, they proposed allowing up to three terms for deputy prime ministers, federal ministers, and provincial ministers.

Additionally, the district presidents proposed empowering the district president to allocate funds collected as levy within the district and advocated for the automatic cancellation of the membership or post of any individual who remains absent from three consecutive committee meetings.

Moreover, the district presidents emphasized the importance of credential verification for individuals seeking membership in the party's sister organizations, suggesting that such verification be conducted by the respective district working committees.

In a bid to enhance representation in legislative bodies, the district presidents recommended the nomination of three individuals, including a woman, for members of the House of Representatives or Provincial Assembly, based on voting by regional (province constituency) representatives.

The proposals put forth by Koshi Province underscore the party's commitment to inclusive leadership and effective governance, setting a progressive agenda for the Nepali Congress moving forward.

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