President Paudel’s Europe visit postponed

KATHMANDU, Nov 6: The Europe visit of President Ram Chandra Paudel has been postponed. The Foreign Affairs advisor of the President Suresh Chalise informed Ratopati that the President’s visit has been postponed.

According to Chalise, the President’s visit to France, Germany and Italy, which was approved by the Government of Nepal, has been postponed, as the current situation of the country after the earthquake is not very good.

The President was set to depart from Kathmandu on the 8th of November to partake in the Paris Peace Forum which is going to be held in Paris, France, and then visit the Federal Republic of Germany and Italy.

However, with the devastating earthquake that hit Jajarkot on Friday night, the situation has become dire, thus, it was decided to postpone the President’s visit, it has been said. 153 people have died and physical infrastructures have been damaged as a result of the earthquake.

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