In Pics: President's ride, no more trouble for general public

KATHMANDU, March 18: President's ride brings forth images of an empty road, a long line of cars and lots of security guards in the minds of the general public and common citizens. This however was not the case on Saturday, today.

When the newly elected President Ramchandra Paudel arrived at Kumari House in Basantapur in the heart of Kathmandu, there was no show-off and heavy precautions as before. When President Paudel reached Basantapur with the leading and following cars, many people did not even know that he had come. Others could not believe that the President had come in that way.

Before this, every time there was the President's ride,  the common citizens would have to suffer. Even after Nepal became a republic, the Presidents embraced a royal style, which was widely criticized. That's why Paudel promised to break that tradition prior to becoming the president, which he fulfilled today and showed it.

Here are some pictures taken by the Ratopati Photojournalist:

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